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Swaddling is one of the oldest techniques used by mothers all over the world to help their newborn babies feel safe, secure and to help them sleep better. To know more about WHY you should swaddle your baby and HOW to swaddle a newborn baby, click here. When choosing the right swaddle for your baby, it’s important to pay attention to the kind of fabric that it’s made from. To help you choose the best baby swaddle blanket for your little one, we’re going to spell out some of the differences between two of the most common swaddle fabrics that are available – muslin fabric swaddle blankets and bamboo fabric swaddle blankets.

  Muslin Fabric Swaddles Bamboo Fabric Swaddles
How is it made?

Muslin is a loosely-woven cotton fabric with a pure and gentle texture and feel, making it absolutely ideal for your baby’s delicate skin.

At Softsens, all our muslin baby swaddle blankets are made from GOTS-certified 100% pure organic cotton.

Bamboo fibers are extracted from the bamboo plant through a regeneration process. These fibers are extremely similar in texture and feel to ‘rayon’ and thus this fabric is also called ‘bamboo rayon’ or ‘bamboo viscose’.

At Softsens, all our bamboo baby swaddle blankets are made using bamboo viscose that is derived from natural bamboo fibers.
Softness This pure and gentle fabric is extremely soft and smooth on your baby’s delicate skin. Even though it is light and airy, it ensures that your baby stays snug and cozy at all times. Due to the smoothness of the bamboo fibers, bamboo fabric is almost silk-like in touch, and feels luxuriously soft on skin. Your baby will feel oh-so-comfortable in this dream-like fabric.
Breathability As you will be swaddling your baby for extended periods of time, it is crucial that swaddle blankets are made of a fabric that is breathable and does not cause overheating.

Due to its open weave, muslin is a very breathable fabric. While it keeps your baby warm and snug, it also allows for easy airflow, to prevent overheating.
A very interesting feature of bamboo fabric is that it is a ‘thermo-regulating’ fabric. This means that it regulates body temperature based on the outside temperature. So, if the weather is warm, it helps keep your body cool, and if the weather is cool, it helps to keep your body warm. This makes it the ideal fabric for your baby in all kinds of weather.
Flexibility Muslin fabric has a nice stretchiness to it, making swaddling easy and hassle-free. Bamboo fabric is extremely flexible and is also a non-clingy and anti-static fabric which gently envelops your baby in care and comfort.
Safety Organic muslin fabrics are free from chemicals and harmful substances and are hypoallergenic, making them 100% safe for your baby’s skin In addition to being safe & hypoallergenic, bamboo fabric is also antibacterial and antimicrobial in nature. It helps to ward away harmful bacteria from your baby’s sensitive skin, and is thus highly recommended for babies with eczema or allergy-prone skin.

Bamboo fabrics also provide natural protection from harmful UV rays for your baby’s delicate skin. So even if you’re not swaddling your baby when outdoors, it can make for a great stroller cover.
Sustainability Organic cotton is great for the environment as it is grown without harmful chemicals and pesticides, making it far more sustainable and eco-friendly. Not only does bamboo require no fertilizer to grow optimally, but it also requires very little water, making it very eco-friendly.

Bamboo fabric is also 100% biodegradable and thus great for the environment.
Absorbency This pure fabric easily absorbs excess moisture and sweat, leaving your baby cool and dry, without irritating skin. Bamboo is a moisture-wicking fabric, which draws sweat and moisture away from the body, and is also super-absorbent, keeping your baby’s skin dry and clean, especially when you’re outdoors.
Durability What parents really love about using organic cotton muslin fabric for babies is that it actually gets softer with every wash and is extremely durable. Bamboo fabric remains strong despite excessive washing and does not shrink when washed.

Have you decided what kind of swaddle fabric is best for your baby? Click here to shop for our organic muslin swaddles or our bamboo fabric swaddles!


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