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0 comments / Posted by Kairuz Navder

A pregnant lady sitting in front of computer finding out about newborn baby products

Shopping for newborn baby products can be a little overwhelming, especially with the sheer number of baby products available nowadays. So, how do you differentiate between the must-have newborn baby essentials that you REALLY need, and those that aren’t an absolute necessity (but would still be nice to have)? 

We made a complete newborn baby shopping list of essentials - to help make things a little easier and stress-free for all you new Moms & Dads!

Here’s a checklist of pretty much everything you need to buy before the baby is born (including some baby items that you can buy as the baby develops). Read the description against each baby item for helpful tips & suggestions that are based on our conversations with actual moms & dads. Scroll down to the end to save the printable version of this baby essentials checklist for your personal use!


An image of a baby being diaper changed

Your newborn baby will divide their time between feeding, sleeping and pooping. So, make sure you stock up on these diapering necessities before the baby arrives.

• Diapers
No prizes for guessing you’re going to need more diapers than you could ever imagine. You’ll probably end up using 60-70 within just a week. In the beginning, here’s how many you should stock up on, based on what type of diaper you choose for your baby.
✓ 6 to 7 Dozen Cloth/Reusable Diapers (with baby safety pins/snaps to fasten the diaper)
✓ 2 to 3 Boxes of Newborn size Disposable Diapers

When buying disposable diapers, most parents start off with the newborn-size diapers, which might work well for your baby until 1-3 months of age. As your baby grows, you’ll have to change the diaper size based on baby’s weight. Most diaper brands offer an easy-to-read size chart that’ll help you make the correct choice. In the case of premature babies or babies with a lower birth weight, newborn size diapers might be too big. Most brands offer small diaper sizes for preemies that you can select based on baby’s weight.

To know more about cloth VS disposable diapers and more, click here to read our Ultimate Guide to Diaper Changing.

Diaper Changing Table
A sturdy diaper changing table is better for everyone AND for your back! However, you don’t really have to buy one specifically for the purpose. You can even repurpose an old table unit or dresser to make your own diaper changing table. Click here to read our Essential Tips for setting up an efficient Diaper Changing Station.

2-3 Waterproof Changing Pads/Mats + 2-3 Waterproof Pad Liners/Covers
You’ll need a diaper changing pad/mat to place on your diaper table to provide a safe,
cushioned surface for baby as you change their diaper. You’ll also be changing a LOT of diapers in a LOT of different places. Always carry a changing pad/mat in your diaper bag at all times for quick diaper changes. In addition to the changing pad, you’ll also need 2-3 pad liners or covers. A waterproof pad ‘liner’ or ‘cover’ helps protect your changing pad from pee/poop stains and also helps soak up any wetness, making cleaning a whole lot easier for you.

Alcohol-free Baby Wipes
How many baby wipes do you need? When your baby is smaller, you might use 2-3 at every diaper change but this number will go up as your baby grows older. Diaper blowouts also call for a LOT of wipes. Soon, you’ll be using wipes for all kinds of purposes – from cleaning baby’s bottoms to grubby fingers, toys and more. The bottom line – find baby wipes that you love because these will soon be your new best friend!

Softsens ultra-soft & absorbent all-natural, cloth-based Baby Wet Wipes are 0% polyester, biodegradable cloth baby wipes that’ll cleanse, nourish and soothe your baby’s skin. They’re free from parabens, colour, alcohol and harmful chemicals, and are perfect for your baby’s sensitive skin.

Diaper Rash Cream
Most babies will have a case of diaper rash at some point. Stay prepared with a mild diaper rash ointment like the Softsens baby Natural Diaper Rash Cream that is designed to soothe & treat diaper rash and is gentle enough to be used at every diaper change.

Diaper Pail or a Sturdy Trash Can with a Lid
Never heard of a diaper pail? Don’t worry, you’re not the first. A diaper pail is basically a sophisticated trash can where you can dispose of those dirty diapers. Diaper pails are specially designed to help contain the odour from all those smelly diapers, and help keep your home smelling fresh. However, a diaper pail ISN’T a total necessity. A lot of new parents simply use ordinary trash cans with a secure lid and a removable liner. Another way to keep nasty smells away is by taking out your trash daily or as often as you can.

Diaper bag
A good diaper bag that’s easy to carry around can make things a lot easier for you, Mumma. You’ll need this any time you’re on the go and even for your baby’s routine visits to the doctor.


A baby is bathing in father hand
  • Baby soap, Tear-free Baby Wash, Tear-free Baby shampoo, Baby Cream, Baby Lotion, Diaper Rash Cream, Baby Hair Oil, Baby Massage Oil, Baby Powder, Baby Wipes - Cleanse, moisturize and nourish your baby’s skin with gentle, hypoallergenic, clinically-tested & mildly-formulated baby skincare products. Get top to toe baby care with our All-in-one Bundle with Free travel Kit or click here to shop individual baby bath & skin products.

Baby care products in one kit

  • 2-3 Baby Hooded Towels - You’ll need a few soft & absorbent baby hooded bath towels that’ll keep your little one warm & cozy after a bath.
  • Few soft washcloths - Many parents like to use soft washcloths to gently clean baby’s face and head during bath time. For more baby bath time tips, click here to read our helpful article on How to Bathe your Newborn Baby: 101.
  • Baby Bath tub - This is not a must-have essential but can be a helpful bath-time accessory.
  • Bath Mug - Keep aside a tiny mug to rinse your baby’s skin while you bathe them.


Mom feeding milk her baby

Whether you’re breastfeeding or bottle-feeding, make sure you equip yourself with the right baby feeding essentials.

  • Breast pump - A good-quality breast pump is a great investment. From manual to electric to battery-powered, there are a range of breast pumps available for new moms. Even if you’re exclusively breastfeeding, pumping can help you build up a stash of breast milk for future use and can also help maintain your supply of breastmilk. Click here to read our blog on 15 Smart Tips to Help you Pump More Milk!
  • 8-10 Bottles with slow-flow nipples - Whether you’re breastfeeding or bottle feeding your baby, you will require some amount of baby bottles. Picking the right kind of bottle and nipple for your baby is important. Here are some helpful bottle-feeding tips for new moms.
  • Bottle Sterilizer - Helps keep your baby bottles clean and free of bacteria.
  • Bottle Cleaning Brush - Keep aside a separate bottle brush for cleaning your baby’s bottles.
  • Baby Formula - If you’re formula-feeding, you can consult with your baby’s pediatrician on the brand of formula to buy for your little one. Make sure to check the expiry date when shopping for formula.
  • Bibs, Burp cloths, Nursing Covers - You’ll need bibs and burp cloths to clean up drool, spit up and more. Our GOTS certified organic muslin swaddles also double up as excellent burp cloths for your baby and can even be used as a nursing cover for Mom. You’ll also love our soft & absorbent 100% GOTS-certified organic muslin bibs that help keep baby clean & dry.
  • Nipple Balm (for Mumma) - A good nipple balm can help soothe dry, chapped nipples while you’re breastfeeding.
  • Feeding pillow (optional) - Make feeding easier with a comfortable feeding pillow.
  • Nursing bras & nursing pads - Stock up on a few comfortable nursing bras and some nursing pads for Mumma.
  • Breastmilk storage bags - Learn how to store your expressed breastmilk properly for future use. Click here for helpful tips on how to correctly store breastmilk.


A baby smiling in bodysuit
  • 6-8 Baby Swaddle Blankets - Swaddle blankets are great for helping your baby sleep better and are also useful in many other ways. Choose from our range of soft & breathable GOTS certified organic muslin baby swaddles or baby bamboo swaddles. These can also be used as stroller blankets when you’re out with baby.

Bamboo and Muslin fabric swaddle for newborn baby

  • 7-8 Bodysuits, Footies & Onesies - Baby clothing needs to be comfortable, cozy, and practical. Bodysuits, footies & onesies with snap openings for easy diaper changes are perfect for your just born baby. Click here to check out our range of ultra-soft organic clothing for babies that includes a range of baby clothing essentials.
Bamboo Fabric Footies and Gift Set for Newborn Baby
  • 4-8 Baby Pajamas - Pick up a few comfy pajamas with diaper openings for sweeter dreams and easier nighttime changes.
  • 3-4 Comfortable Baby T-shirts & Bottoms - Although onesies are more practical for every day dressing, a few comfy t-shirts with snap buttons on the shoulder and wide neck openings are also a great addition to your baby’s wardrobe, along with stretchy bottoms that can be paired with your baby’s onesies for a cozier outfit. See our cute organic cotton and bamboo baby tops & bottoms here.
  • 4-6 Baby Beanies & Booties - Don’t forget these essential baby accessories. Keep those little heads and toes snug & cozy with our adorable baby beanies & booties.

Beanie, Booties and Gift Set for Newborn Baby

  • 2-3 Pairs of Baby Scratch Mittens - You’d be surprised to know how fast your baby’s nails can grow. Get a few pairs of scratch mittens to help keep your little one from scratching their delicate skin.
  • 2 Hooded Baby jackets and/or 1 Baby Snowsuit (for cold weather) - The key to dressing your baby during cooler weather is to layer their clothing. However, it is important to invest in a warm baby jacket and a snowsuit (if necessary). A winter baby beanie will also help keep them warm & cozy.
  • 1 Sun hat - Your baby’s skin is more prone to sun damage and needs to be well-protected when you’re outdoors. Make your little one wear a wide-brimmed sun hat when outside. Here’s a complete list of Sun Safety Tips for your Baby’s Protection.


A Baby Sleeping with Bunny

Help your little one sleep safer, better & cozier with these baby sleeping essentials.

  • Bassinet (optional) - A bassinet is typically a small sleeping bed for babies that can only be used until around 4 months of age, after which baby will transition to a crib. However, it isn’t a necessity and many parents use a crib for their babies right from the start.
  • Crib and crib mattress - Choose a crib that works best for you. Pick out a firm and flat crib mattress that fits properly in your crib. Click here to read our 5 Safe Sleep Practices for Babies.
  • Baby crib/cot bedding items - Once you’ve got your baby’s crib/cot, you also need to get a safe cot bedding set to make bedtime even cozier for your little one. You’ll love this 6-piece soft, safe & cozy organic cotton cot bedding set from Softsens. It has everything you need to safely set up your baby’s cot, including: 1 fitted crib sheet, 1 baby blanket, 1 cot bumper, 1 baby pillow and 2 bolsters, all made from natural organic fibers.

Bedding Set for Newborn Baby

  • Baby monitor (optional) - A baby monitor helps you keep an eye on your little ones when they’re sleeping, if you’re not in the same room. This is entirely optional but it can help give you peace of mind while baby sleeps. You can get one with an audio feature or one that has both audio and video.
  • White noise machine (optional) - A white noise machine is known to be quite soothing for babies and can help them sleep better. However, instead of buying a machine for the purpose, a lot of parents also choose to download white noise apps on their smartphones or tablets.


Newborn baby Smiling in Towel

Don’t skip these essential newborn baby products for baby’s health & grooming needs.

  • Baby Thermometer and first-aid kit - These are essential items to have at hand in case your little one is ill.
  • Baby nail clipper and nail filer - Your baby’s nails need to be cut often as they grow pretty fast, and can scratch your little one’s skin.
  • Baby hair brush - A soft brush or wide toothed baby comb to manage their delicate locks.
  • Baby clothing detergent (optional) - While it is okay to use a regular liquid detergent to wash your baby’s clothing, you could opt for a specially-formulated baby clothing detergent, especially if your little one has extremely sensitive or allergy-prone skin.


Baby with Teady Bear
  • Baby Car seat - This is a must to ensure your baby’s safety when you’re in the car. Take your time before you zero in on a car seat that works for you and your family. Make sure that you have your car seat fitted before baby arrives as you will require it on the drive back home from the hospital.
  • Baby Stroller - A good stroller can make being outdoors with your baby so much easier.
  • Baby carrier - If you want to go hands-free while carrying your baby around, there are a range of baby carrier options available for you to choose from.
  • Baby bouncer or swing (optional) - Babies love being bounced and this handy baby accessory can be pretty helpful for new moms & dads. But, it’s not a baby necessity and is entirely optional.
  • Baby play mat - Give your little one daily tummy time on their plat mat.
  • Baby toys - When it comes to baby toys, there are a million options out there. Choose wisely and carefully as your growing baby will soon start grabbing things and exploring by putting them in their mouths. Pick toys that are also easy to clean both from outside and inside. Always check if the toy is age-appropriate.

We hope that this list helps make shopping for your little one easier!
Click below for your ready-to-use printable Softsens checklist of all your Newborn Baby Essentials!



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