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We are committed to creating safe, effective, efficient and sustainable products that actually work! That’s why we have developed a robust and reliable process to guarantee the safety & efficacy of our products. If at any step of this process, our formulas do not meet the defined safety & quality standards, we go right back to step 1 and repeat the process, all over again. 

Our 5-step approach, outlined below, is our set of guiding principles for any innovations and product development.


At Softsens, we believe less is more! We never do anything simply for the sake of doing it, and that includes developing products. All our products are purposefully created to solve a particular need or to simply make life easier, safer and better. We strive to add value to the lives of our customers by providing a range of safe, effective, efficient and sustainable products for moms and babies.

Formula Development

Making a great product is no easy task and the process of manufacturing can often be complicated. We work closely and in tandem with our product development teams and manufacturing partners, and tap into their 80+ years of rich experience to help us develop our products that are safe, effective and performance-based!

Robust Testing & Validation

We love our babies, we love your babies and we basically love all babies. We go to great lengths to ensure that all our products are completely safe to use on and around babies. Our products are crafted with love and great attention-to-detail after which they undergo stringent testing, to ensure we deliver only the best.


Quality is a part of our DNA and we expect the same from our partners as well. We ensure that all our partners follow the GOOD MANUFACTURING PRACTICES (GMP) guidelines and are all GMP Certified. We do constant quality checks at the production units to ensure that the 5P’s of GMP are strictly adhered to, i.e. (1) The PERSONNEL at the unit is GMP trained (2) All procedures and standards that...

Evaluation, Improvement & Refinement

When it comes to our products we believe in “Continuous Improvement”. As a parent you always look for ways to help your baby grow, develop and be the best version of themselves. Similarly, at Softsens, while we stand by our products, we are always looking for ways to enhance them by exploring the latest trends in research technologies, materials, ingredients and packaging materials. We are driven by...

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