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10 Hilarious Things That Happen When You’re a New Mom

While it is wonderful and exciting, motherhood can also be strange, surprising and downright hilarious. Here’s a few funny things that can potentially happen when you become a Mom! Read on and tell us which of these you can relate to.

1. You’ll Google EVERYTHING – from “Why is my baby’s poop GREEN?” to “How many hours of sleep can one survive on?”

2. ‘Mom brain’ is absolutely real. Don’t feel embarrassed if you suddenly find your car-keys in the fridge, accidentallythrow the dirty diaper in the clean pile or forget what you were going to do next. It gets better!

3. You will have a newfound appreciation for Mothers everywhere and will hug and say ‘thank-you’ to your own Mom every time you meet her.

4. Your friends will ask you what you were doing on Facebook at four in the morning and you will give them a stare that ensures they never ask again.

5. 90% of your thoughts are about your baby. The other 10% are about when you will be able to sleep again.

6. Sometimes when you’re in the shower, you’ll think you can hear your baby crying, only to come out and find that everything is okay.

7. You’ll get super excited about catching up on your favourite TV shows when your Mom offers to babysit, and then fall asleep exactly two minutes after the show begins.

8. You start speaking to everyone in that funny, high-pitched voice that you use to speak to your baby.

9. You get so excited when you actually get the time to shampoo your hair that you text all your friends to let them know.

10. You’ll update friends and family on every little detail of your baby’s day, because let’s face it – your baby is the cutest!

What are some of the funny things that you began doing after you became a Mom? We’d love to know!


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